I have loved singing since I was a small child.  I think it all started when me and my siblings would sing along to the radio, in the car, on family trips.  Happy memories. 


Since then my musical, performing, journey has been a real variety show. 

I got to grade 3 on the piano, performed alongside my Dad in local amateur theatre and in my twenties belonged to a musical theatre group in my home town of Chelmsford.  It was here that the singing spark was truly ignited.  


One night, last minute, the leading lady lost her voice and I, having auditioned for the role, was asked to step in.  Despite the shock, and nerves, I sang my heart out back stage whilst she acted out front.  I received great reviews. This was my first big role and a defining moment for I will never forget.  


I was utterly inspired by meeting likeminded, musical, people and was introduced to the local open mic pub scene.  This opened up a whole new world to me.  I went on to be part of various musical projects including a few bands and duo's, singing for friends weddings (and my own), charity events and also playing solo with my piano.  Exciting and liberating times.  

I am a song writer too.  Together with a previous band, The Wasp Factor, we created many songs and I have also penned a song myself....'You'.....written for my lovely husband, Dave.  Had I not taken this musical path we would never have met. Song writing is something I would like to do more of.



click here to listen to 'You'....

My professional musical adventures began when I worked as an Activity Coordinator in a care/nursing home.  Here I witnessed the huge impact music, and song, had on the residents.   It would often be the highlight of the day/week for many and for some (especially those with dementia) it would spark a reaction, connect somehow, in a way that little else could.  It really meant something to them and I could see, first hand, the power music had!  Seeing this triggered something in me, relighting that fire, and having not sung in a while I said to myself 'this is what I am meant to do!'.  So I did and it wasn't long before I became a regular singer at my care home.   

I'm very grateful to now have a long list of care homes at which I perform regularly.  I love seeing people respond to what I'm singing and the way I'm performing.   If I make just one person smile, sing, laugh, clap, dance or wake up (they're usually sleepy, after lunch, when I'm there) then that's enough for me....I've been able to give them a moment of happiness (even if they may not remember it the next day!) and I've shared in I say! 

What am I up to now? 


My latest ventures include joining some Essex based agencies and securing more bookings through them, entering various singing

competitions, summer gigs at The Golden Fleece, Chelmsford, recording in the studio, listen here.....                                        

starring in my very first photo shoot (new photos all on this site!....huge thanks to and I'm currently in discussions about a new duo this space............


I strive to work hard, to always improve, learn new material, make new musical connections and branch out in new directions to grow my business!  Exciting times! 


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